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Earth retention and excavation support are a big part of what we do at Herbert F Darling Inc.

Our in-house engineering team will solve your most complex earth retention problem and select the most effective system to meet your needs. We install...



Soldier piles are vertical components like a steel beam, H-beam, or pipe-pile designed
to limit the horizontal movement of soil excavation. A lagging wall is wood,
concrete, or similar material placed between soldier piles to retain the earth as the excavation progresses. SP&L walls are used for both excavation support and permanent earth retention.

Soldier Pile & Lagging Wall
Coffer Dam


When you need an enclosed area to be pumped or drained, a cofferdam makes it possible by building an enclosed, watertight space within the body of water. Cofferdams are useful when repairing permanent dams, constructing bridge piers, water intakes, outfalls, and more.


Sheeting Cells completely enclose an excavation by driving interlocking steel sheet piles or soldier piles and lagging around the perimeter. Rows of steel bracing are installed in deeper excavations to maintain stability.  The bracing is either an internal self-supporting frame or tied back outside the cell with anchors or deadmen.

Perm Sheet Piling Wall System
Access Shafts


Circle Cells are steel sheets or soldier piles and lagging in a circular configuration.  The circular configuration allows for a completely wide open cell, free of internal cross bracing elements that would interfere with excavation or concrete forming and placement.  Series of circle cells are particularly useful in marine environments to build work platforms for construction support or diversion of waterways.

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